1. To commissioning me you have to:  READ ALL THE RULES BELOW!

I won’t draw anything I don’t feel comfortable with – check my DA gallery for my  references taste.

  • I might refuse the order if I know I won’t do good with the design.

Sent me a private note with “COMMISSION” tiltle on my Deviantart page: or on my facebook:


2. You have to chose one of the commission type:

TYPE 1 Digital bust with simply background

price: $45  (+40 for additional character)


TYPE 2 Digital half-body with simply background

price: $70  (+65 for additional character)

TYPE 3 Digital full-body with simply background BG

price: $85  (+75 for additional character)

TYPE 4 Digital  illustration with background

price: $120+  (+75 for additional character, max 2 chara!). The price might increase. 

TYPE 5 Digital  half/fullbody colour speed paint/sketch with semi-detailed  background

price: $35  (+30  for additional character, max 3 chara!)


TYPE 6 reference sheet / sketch page

price: $60 


3. In note mention: 

Type of commission

Describe your OC or character you want me to draw.

I need information like:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Name of character
  • Personality of character
  • What he/she is doing (job, studies)
  • Appearance
  • Images reference
  • Important features/wishes

At the end I need your PayPal and personal e-mail address


4.  I’ll answer you if I take commission or not and then I’ll send you sketch for acceptation with total price. After your acceptation you should send payment to my PayPal:


5.  And you have to be patient because it may take a while (few weeks) to do drawing for you 😉


4 thoughts on “COMMISSIONS

  1. Your art is so very amazing, I just feel bad because I believe you underprice your art very much 😦 the quality of your work is absolutely high; it’s worth a lot more than that imo…


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