After a long silence, I'm happy to say I'm back with some, a bit overdue arts. And also I want to announce that I just opened commissions again, so if someone wish to have an artwork created by me I will be happy to draw it for you. If you do want me to make…Read more RETURN ON RING


Neo x Malice

This commission for PreciseMoon was really hard piece to draw, but at the same time very enjoyable and I've got a lot of fun drawing it. Characters (Neo the dark-haired one) and Malice (blondie. Contains so many details that it took me forever to get done with them. Her characters are always so precisely  polished that it's…Read more Neo x Malice

Where The Ice is Melting

It's almost Christmas, so this is probably good time to share some snowy art 🙂 I want to present the artwork I made for book cover of Sylwia Leśna's novel "Tam, Gdzie Topnieje Lód" (Where the Ice is Melting). Name of character is Suen, and apparently he is a young male (even if his face may…Read more Where The Ice is Melting

Adara and Ityen extras!

Hi guys, I have something special for you from Santa! 😀 I was lucky enough lately, to work on some extra commission ordered by Sylwia Leśna (she is an fabulous fantasy writer, and she also chosen me to be author of her upcoming book cover btw.)  And the commission is a gift for Katarzyna Wiewióra…Read more Adara and Ityen extras!


Fresh serving including recent sketches of commissions. This is the last part from current list! So, as soon as I will get done with them I will open new slots. Be ready for that and visit my DA page - as always I will add announce  there in first line, about opening commissions. I'm pretty excited and cannot wait!