2017 was a really awful year for me. I always tried not to share my personal life in social medias, but I kinda feel like I owe you some explanations, and I just want to be honest. It was a year of fight for me. In January my dad was diagnosed with bone cancer, and even…Read more HAPPY NEW YEAR!


The Girl – studium

This very special artwork was created for private commissioner. I put a lot of effort to make it look it unique and a bit old-schoolish. Also I created it using not typically for me technique - I painted her in black and white firstly, and then put the color layer at the end. Anyway, I…Read more The Girl – studium

Neo x Malice

This commission for PreciseMoon was really hard piece to draw, but at the same time very enjoyable and I've got a lot of fun drawing it. Characters (Neo the dark-haired one) and Malice (blondie. Contains so many details that it took me forever to get done with them. Her characters are always so precisely  polished that it's…Read more Neo x Malice

Where The Ice is Melting

It's almost Christmas, so this is probably good time to share some snowy art 🙂 I want to present the artwork I made for book cover of Sylwia Leśna's novel "Tam, Gdzie Topnieje Lód" (Where the Ice is Melting). Name of character is Suen, and apparently he is a young male (even if his face may…Read more Where The Ice is Melting