Staying with winter and Christmas theme I’m sharing some special commission I did for  long-term coworker K. Lisowska (and now also a friend) who is the author of “Lalkarz” (The Dollmaster) series .


Characters on pic are Reza (the half-reptilian) and Cort from Lalkarz

Years ago when the first book of “Lalkarz” was about to released she asked me to create a cover art for it. And that’s how my adventure with those characters and universe begun.

I already have drawn 3 cover arts for “Lalkarz” books, and plenty of  other illustrations with characters from story. This year K.L. had a wish for some Christmas special art with her character – something with reindeers, snowmen, elves etc… But I thought it will be much more funny to dress up her OC’s as a well known characters from animated movie – Elsa and Jack Frost. So now we have really cure Relsa and Cort Frost here 😀

And I have some gifts for you as well – a couple of art with Reza and Cort, that are tough to find anywhere else. Enjoy!






So folks wish you Rezzy and Corty Christmas!



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