It’s almost Christmas, so this is probably good time to share some snowy art 🙂

I want to present the artwork I made for book cover of Sylwia Leśna’s novel “Tam, Gdzie Topnieje Lód” (Where the Ice is Melting).


Name of character is Suen, and apparently he is a young male (even if his face may confuse you) endowed with some great power. He once lived in Evergreen Land’s but then was rapt by young chief of barbarian horde from the north and is forced to embark journey full of dark adventures.

It was such fun and pleasure draw him in this snowy and frosty environment, even if not everything went as well as I wish it should. Also it was many  transformations and changes during the process and that meant a lot of hard work for me  – just look below:

and the final version:rgb-suen-cover-do-publikacji-w-sieci-maly

The book was released few days ago, and I just got my two copies signet by author. They look pretty awesome!


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