Hi guys, I have something special for you from Santa! 😀


I was lucky enough lately, to work on some extra commission ordered by Sylwia Leśna (she is an fabulous fantasy writer, and she also chosen me to be author of her upcoming book cover btw.)  And the commission is a gift for Katarzyna Wiewióra (also a writer) and as you probably already figured out,  those handsome elven gentelmens  are characters from still not written novel of hers… however I hope it will change soon!

They are father and son, water and fire, members of royal family.

Adara (the blue one) is a king, and his pawky red-headed son Ityen is a prince 🙂 I really hope that one day she will be able to finish their story and publish a novel with them ❤

Below I have some extra for you – short time-lapse video and some sketches I did for K.W. to approval , before I started to paint the final version. It was pretty funny because she couldn’t decide what face expression to choose for them, so we tried a couple of different expressions of both 😀


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